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Energy Consulting

Friendly to the environment. And your bottom line. 
Energy Audits



In today’s economy an energy audit is a smart investment, partly due to its payback potential. MapleTherm’s team of professional engineers and project managers know this, and they will identify significant methods of ‘going green’ for all our clients. We use our in-depth knowledge of buildings to first identify and then implement high-performance, energy efficient solutions.


We look for opportunities to optimize building performance by reducing energy use, maximizing occupant comfort and optimizing system longevity. Our services include building energy performance simulation and benchmarking as well as energy assessment and consulting. We take pride in planning and designing utilities focused on maximizing our clients’ usage while promoting both cost and environmental effectiveness.  

Going Green in The 21  Century.


Help Our Enivronment and Your Company.

Green Energy Solutions



Because MapleTherm recognizes the impact that engineering can have on our environment, we provide industry leading alternative energy solutions to minimize any impact while making your efforts to go green as convenient as possible. By analyzing your energy consumption and following energy-based building codes, we'll guide you with energy conservation techniques that won't take a toll on your productivity or your budget.


MapleTherm also provides solar and geothermal energy solutions for our clients. We believe that innovation and sustaining our natural resources go hand-in-hand, helping you maintain or even increase efficiencies, thereby potentially decreasing your operating costs.

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