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Helping Our Corporate Clients Provide Their Customers With Excellence.

The Delta Chelsea and Delta Toronto East trust MapleTherm Engineering to assist them in providing their guests with a luxurious, smoothly functioning facility. Our past projects with Delta have entailed monitoring indoor air quality and HVAC and plumbing maintenance. MapleTherm Engineering Inc. takes care of mechanical standards, thereby contributing to Delta Hotels being able to offer their guests an exceptional stay. Sometimes it’s the things you don’t see that make the difference.

Maintaining safe and comfortable work environments for industrial and residential areas is one of MapleTherm's specialties. However, we are also active in the educational sector. Our previous projects with the TDSB include cooling tower replacement, energy retrofits, modifications of swimming pool filtration systems, HVAC systems, and chimney and vent modifications. By relying on our expertise and reliability, the TDSB can provide these same qualities to maintain safe and effective learning environments for our children. 


The City of Clarington is one of the many municipalities that turn to MapleTherm Engineering to provide the safest and most efficient facilities operations for both residents and staff. MapleTherm Engineering has worked on energy audits, boiler retrofits, make-up air units, HVAC system designs and fire prevention projects for the City of Clarington. We sustain the highest mechanical standards for residents and staff alike, living and working in Clarington.

Our past projects with Bell Canada have included designing and replacing HVAC and plumbing systems. In order to moderate their lines of communication to the optimal level of efficiency for their customers, Bell Canada relied on MapleTherm to maintain and control the HVAC systems in their server rooms.

By engaging MapleTherm to design make-up air units and to redesign Peel Region's municipal fire station and EMS dispatch centers, the Region of Peel and the Town of Caledon have entrusted MapleTherm with the fire prevention and EMS response of some of the largest municipalities in Canada. Peel Region, along with our other municipal affiliates, relies on the know-how and competency of MapleTherm to provide these critical elements which contribute to the well-being of our society.

Our past work with the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario contributes to condominium residents across Ontario experiencing the highest standards of living. We take charge of design and replacement projects for boilers and chillers, reserve fund studies, parking garage water proofing, roof replacement, reinforcement of concrete structures, energy audits and condition assessments of condominium buildings throughout the province. In this way, we help to provide for the needs of thousands of Ontario condominium residents now and in the future.      

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