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Reserve Fund Studies

The culmination of hands-on site visits and financial analysis.

A reserve fund study is the art and science of anticipating and preparing for the future replacement of assets. It is a long-range financial planning tool that identifies the current status of the capital reserves and provides a funding plan to offset these anticipated, major common area replacement obligations.


For a successful operation, each condominium needs a capital strategy that matches its purpose, construction, history, and proposed future. MapleTherm can handle sorted and prioritized capital needs for any number of buildings. This service allows clients to easily access, and therefore make better use of, their facility information. MapleTherm provides you with comprehensive reviews of the structural conditions of your building.


Proactive, Comprehensive Planning.


We specialize in and critically survey all key building elements, including plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems as well as other site components that contribute to designing a long-term, cost analysis outline. Our frequent site visits and inspections, in-depth financial analyses and estimate costs for replacements, and our general maintenance program, all part of MapleTherm’s comprehensive studies, will keep you current. Our expertise in condition assessment allows us to streamline your funds, keeping your financial planning accurate and on track, ensuring that your facility will operate with the utmost efficiency for years to come.  

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